Open Gym Schedule

Monday: 3PM-4PM, 7:30-10PM (Adult Only)

Tuesday: 3PM-4PM

Wednesday: 3PM-4PM, 8-10PM (Adult Only)

Thursday: 3PM-4PM

Friday: 3PM-5PM, 8PM-10PM (Adult Only)

Saturday: 11AM-2PM

Sunday: 11AM-2PM

Reservation Only

Monday: 10AM-3PM

Tuesday: 10AM-12PM

Wednesday: 10AM-3PM

Thursday: 10AM-3PM

Friday: 10AM-3PM

*Please call or email to set up reservation times

Class Schedule

Ninja Camp 5PM-6PM
Elite Team 6PM-7:30PM

Home School Ninja 12PM-2PM (Call or email to reserve)
Elite Team 5PM-6:30PM
Elite Team 6:30PM-8PM

Ninja Camp 5PM-6PM
Ninja Camp 6-7PM
Next Level Ninja 7PM-8PM

Home School Ninja 12PM-2PM (Call or email to reserve)

Ninja Camp 6PM-7PM
Ninja Camp 7PM-8PM

Ninja Camp 6PM-7PM
Ninja Camp 7PM-8PM

The Iron City Ninja Experience 8:45AM-10AM (Currently on hiatus 9/1/2022)

Personal Coaching

Monday: 4-5PM

Tuesday: 4PM-5PM

Wednesday: 4PM-5PM

Thursday: 4-5PM, 5-6PM

Friday: 5-6PM

Saturday: 10AM-11AM, 2PM-3PM

Sunday: 10AM-11AM, 2PM-3PM

*Coaching Sessions can be scheduled during Open Gym hours

Birthday Parties

Saturday: 3:30PM-5:30PM, 6PM-8PM
Sunday: 3:30PM-5:30PM, 6PM-8PM

NNL Competitions

February 18th: Kids, Mature Kids, Preteen Divisions

February 19th: Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Masters, Elite Divisions