Seasonal Ninja Camps

Youth Ninja Camps are three months in duration. They are separated by age groups. Youth Camps focus on upper body strength, balance, agility, coordination, and grip strength.


$240- Members or $360 Non-Members

Camp Duration Schedule:

Spring Ninja Camp: April-June (Pre-registration in March)

Summer Ninja Camp: July-September (Pre-registration in June)

Fall Ninja Camp: October-December (Pre-registration in September)

Winter Ninja Camp: January-March (Pre-registration in December)

Weekly Schedule:

5-7 age group: Monday 5-6PM, Wednesday 5-6PM, 6-7PM, or

Thursday 6-7PM

8-9 age group: Friday 6-7PM, 7-8PM

10-12 age group: Thursday 7-8PM

Next Level Ninja with Coach Mike

Next Level Ninja is a Ninja Warrior functional fitness class. We have a revolving format with a workout, followed by a skill the following week, then a course the next week. All of these weeks are focused on increasing your understanding and ability for the Ninja skillset of the month. This class is designed to be one of a kind by Mike Michalko.

Mike understands what it takes to get to the Next Level. He has podiumed many competitions and coached many of our Elite athletes to their own podiums.


Wednesday: 7-8PM


1 Class: $25

4 Classes: $80

8 Classes: $120

The Iron City Ninja Experience with Coach Steve starting (on Hiatus)

The ICN Experience is an overall understanding of what our gym offers. This class will have a 15 minute workout to begin, 25 minutes of obstacle stations, and 15 minutes of course runs.

This class is for beginners to moderate athletes. We will be introducing beginner obstacles and progressing as the group continues through the sessions. This is a great way to start your Ninja training with a well rounded experience.